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At the Law Offices of Sarah G. Jonovich, we understand the anxiety and apprehension associated with a criminal charge.   We also recognize that you have many options in choosing a criminal defense lawyer.  We are a full service criminal law firm that handles misdemeanors, civil and criminal traffic infractions, felonies, violations of probation, failure to appear warrants, sealing and expungement of records, and can even offer advice and counsel if you are being investigated for a crime.  We invite you to explore our website and learn about our firm philosophy, attorney Sarah G. Jonovich, and details on the specific crime you may be charged with.  We are based in Palm Beach County, but serve Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade Counties with appointments available in each county.  Our firm practices exclusively in the area of criminal defense. However, we are active in the legal community and would be happy to refer you to like-minded professionals should you need the services of an attorney with another specialization.

At the Law Offices of Sarah G. Jonovich, we work hard to give you honest, straightforward advice to help you understand the charges, the proceedings that may follow, and the possible penalties of the crime for which you were arrested. We will utilize our extensive courtroom and negotiating experience to give you the same advice we would give to a personal friend or family member.  Rather than simply guiding you through the process, we will fight for your rights and your future.  It is paramount that we do all of this at a reasonable and affordable rate to you.

 The hiring of a lawyer early in the process can dramatically increase your chances of a favorable outcome.  The government has attorneys that immediately begin reviewing your case and making decisions based on what the police have said.  During this process it is imperative that you have an attorney speaking on your behalf.  To adequately prepare your defense, the Law Offices of Sarah G. Jonovich will conduct a thorough investigation of the police reports, witness statements, physical, circumstantial, and scientific evidence.  This investigation will give us ammunition if we find that law enforcement has acted improperly, witness statements are conflicting, or there is simply a lack of evidence for the State to prove your charge beyond a reasonable doubt.  There is much to be gained when we are able to bring these issues to the State Attorney’s attention early in the process, including a reduction in charges, or even the dismissal of charges. 

As a former State Prosecutor, Sarah G. Jonovich has dedicated herself to the practice of criminal law.  When hiring a lawyer, you must find one that has the skills and experience to fight for and defend your future.  Having handled thousands of cases ranging from traffic misdemeanors to murder charges, and almost seven years of courtroom experience, Sarah Jonovich has the skills to minimize the impact of a criminal charge on your life. 

Your case is important to us.  If you have been arrested, or are under investigation for a crime, we strongly advise you to call us today at 561-707-9684 for a free case evaluation.

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